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Our projects

Leo and VioletParisian leather goods, specializing in the creation of timeless and elegant pieces.
grows360° plant agency whose goal is to reconnect city dwellers to nature, with style and in all their living spaces.
TomojoCroquettes for dogs and cats with insects.
OwariPlant-based detox and well-being cures.
NãmMushroom growing kits.
Lala diamondsTimeless jewelery made with unique stones
Label SockThe great collab of artists and manufacturers of 100% Frenchy recycled cotton socks.
HygeaThe first French brand of food supplements based on adaptogenic plants.
MaisSwimEnjoy the freedom of movement in sustainable, menstrual swimwear.

Unisex deodorant with an exclusive blend for the balance of the microbiome.

The ArchiwatchCollector's watch retailer